Digital Library Digest: March 16, 2012

Posted by Ben Naddaff-Hafrey on March 16, 2012 in Digital Library Digest.

Robert Darnton delivers “The Digital Public Library of America and the Digital Future” speech at Dartmouth College.
“The Neukom Institute for Computational Science at Dartmouth College presents the inaugural Donoho Colloquium, ‘The Digital Public Library of America and the Digital Future,’ with Robert Darnton, PhD, University Librarian, Harvard University.”
Video available here.

Nate Hill summarizes Thursday activities at the PLA Conference.
“After a good lunch, you’d be absolutely NUTS to miss the session about the Digital Public Library of America in room 120 A-B-C.  The DPLA is something I write about frequently on this blog, but it can’t compare to witnessing this excellent panel discussion including Martin Gomez, Michael Colford, and Susan Hildreth, moderated by John Palfrey.  This initiative, proto-organization, movement, or what ever you might call it has great potential to change the way public libraries provide service in the digital age.  It would be almost irresponsible to miss this!”
From Nate Hill’s post on the PLA Blog, “My Short List for Thursday at PLA 2012”

Loretta Gharst covers PLA Conference session “iPads in the Library.”
“Thursday morning we went to a heavily attended session “iPads in the library: from Tech Programming to Staff Productivity” presented by Joel Nichols. The challenge was to integrate mobile devices (smartphones, ereaders, tablets) into the libraries work. Research shows that mobile phones have become the most popular way to access the internet. (At our own library system in the last 2 years we have seen a slow decline in public PC use and a sharp increase in use of our free public wireless.) What distinguishes the mobile devices as compared to traditional PCs and laptops is the touch interface and few buttons. Another point is all tablets can be used as ereaders. The speaker included a chart listing various mobile devices, their O/S, where to get Apps, and connection information. Below are some of the iPad uses.”
From Loretta Gharst post on the PLA Blog, “iPad Uses for Libraries”

Visit Dublin on the cheap thanks to Trinity College’s new digitization project.
Gothic Past is an open-access visual archive of Irish medieval architecture and sculpture that showcases thousands of photographs and drawings of medieval Irish architecture and sculpture. The site was launched by the Provost of Trinity College Dublin, Dr Patrick Prendergast, on February 15, 2012. Since then the site has had thousands of hits and page views by web users worldwide.”
Via TeleRead.

David Rumsey digital map collection adds over 1,500 items.
1,596 new maps and images have been added to the David Rumsey Map Collection, bringing the online collection to 30,599 maps and images. Included in this addition is Bowles’ 1733 Geography Epitomiz’d, an early example of information visualization; Abraham Bradley’s 1805 Post Road Map of the United States; Aaron Arrowsmith’sGeneral Atlas of 1817; a group of U.S. Mexican War broadsides and maps; Mitchell’s1855 Universal Atlas; a group of 214 individual maps, charts, broadsides, ephemera, and manuscript maps, several of which are listed separately below; Sonnenschein and Allen’s 1880 3D Royal Relief Atlas; Erwin Raisz’ 1944 Atlas of Global Geography and 1964 Atlas of Florida; and Richard Harrison’s important 1944 Fortune Atlas for World Strategy.  All titles may be found by clicking on the View links or images below. Or click here to view all 1,596 new maps and images.”
Via INFOdocket.

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