April 2012 DPLA Update From John Palfrey

April 2012 DPLA Update From John Palfrey

Posted by Alessandra Morgan on April 12, 2012 in Blog, DPLA Updates, Featured.

John Palfrey, Chair of the DPLA Steering Committee, recently gave a short video update that outlines the current state of the DPLA, provides an overview of some of the work that is currently being done, and gives some insight into the work that is yet to come.

The DPLA is currently in the middle of a two-year planning phase, moving towards the launch of a full DPLA prototype by April 2013. Around the same time, it will move away from Harvard and the Berkman Center where it is currently based, potentially becoming an independent organization or merging with an existing institution.

Exactly what the DPLA is and will be is still being determined. The six workstreams have made significant progress in many areas, and their recommendations are being given to the Steering Committee for discussion. Over the next several months, the Steering Committee will have a series of conversations where they will address many of the difficult questions facing the DPLA and render notional decisions.

Additionally, anyone who is interested in contributing or getting involved with the DPLA is encouraged to do so!

“We want to be an open and transparent organization that not only allows for broad participation, but also enables people to understand what’s going on even if they’re not participating, if they just want to understand the process as it goes along.”

The next major meeting is the DPLA West plenary meeting that will take place in San Francisco on April 27 at the Internet Archive. The event is free and open to the public; registration is required.

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