Name: Jeffrey Schnapp
Affiliation: metaLAB (at) Harvard
Partners: Harvard Library Lab; Media And Place (MAP) Productions, a 501(c)3 non-profit
URL: http://extramuros.zeega.org/

extraMUROS proposes to shape the Digital Public Library of America into a multimedia-library-without-walls through an open source, HTML5 platform. Through innovative interfaces, searches within DPLA would query extraMUROS, allowing users to discover relevant multimedia assets and collections. extraMUROS is built on top of existing public APIs and itself provides an open API in order to spur innovative development by others.

extraMUROS has four key components:

  1. Shared Access: extraMUROS interconnects digital collections from libraries, museums, and archives across the country with one another, as well as with repositories like the Internet Archive, Flickr, YouTube, and others.
  2. Visual Discovery: extraMUROS allows users to explore collections in completely new ways by offering new modes of visualization and geographic access.
  3. Curation: extraMUROS allows the general public, students of all ages, teachers, and scholars to collaboratively curate and share online exhibitions, slideshows, and editions that combine text, digital images, audio, and video.
  4. Multichanneling: extraMUROS makes curated collections and multimedia projects accessible online and on iPads and other mobile devices.

The goal of extraMUROS is to cast the user in a proactive, participatory role, to complete the process of democratization that was the driving force behind the growth of the public library movement in the 19th century, but under digital terms.

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  1. Dries B. says:

    It is very interesting to see people push data discovery to a next stage. Love the visualization way of discovering content. Can people already subscribe? Soon i hope. Looking forward to this. Would love to use this for the purpose of research.

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