Searching Digital Collections

Searching Digital Collections

Names: Susan Chun, Charles Moad, Robert Stein
Partner(s): Susan Chun, Founder and Project Lead Steve: The Museum Social Tagging Project; Charles Moad and Robert Stein, Indianapolis Museum of Art

The Florida State University
Institut für Museumsforschung, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York Public Library
Powerhouse Museum, Australia
Smithsonian Institution
Stamen Design
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Maryland
Walker Art Center

The Searching Cultural Collections project team—a multi-disciplinary group of linguists, information retrieval researchers, data analysts, software developers, and museum and library practitioners—proposes to extend their work in search log analysis to examine its applicability to a DPLA. The team is currently engaged in studying the nature of cultural content in digital libraries that focus, in large part, on visual materials.

The SCC’s work draws on search logs from online digital resources such as Europeana and ARTstor with the goal of better understanding the semantics of user search queries. The project’s outputs will include a reusable framework for statistical analysis of search logs based on a generalized data model, and recommendations for consistent and enhanced practices for query logging. The team also hopes to broaden their work to include other digital materials in online aggregations, and to work with others interested in information retrieval to articulate best practices for query logging in a large-scale digital library.

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