ShelfLife and LibraryCloud

ShelfLife and LibraryCloud

Name: David Weinberger
Affiliation: Harvard Library Innovation Lab
Partners: Ann Arbor District Library: Eli Neiburger; Boston College: Tom Wall; Boston Public Library: Tom Blake; Darien Public Library: John Blyberg; Harvard University: Annie Cain, Harvard Library Innovation Lab; Paul Deschner, Harvard Library Innovation Lab; Kim Dulin, Harvard Library Innovation Lab; Ben Gaucherin, Harvard Law School; Jeff Goldenson, Harvard Library Innovation Lab; Michael Jimenez, Harvard Library Innovation Lab; Matt Phillips, Harvard Library Innovation Lab; Gosia Stergios, Harvard Business School; Harvard metaLAB: Jeffrey Schnapp, Jesse Shapins; LibraryThing: Tim Spalding; New York University: Corey Harper; Northeastern University: Amira Aaron, Patrick Yott; San Francisco Public Library: Brian; San Jose Public Library / Public Library Association: Nathaniel Hill; Skokie Public Library: Toby Greenwalt; University of Connecticut: David Lowe; University of Richmond: Robert Nelson, Scott Nesbit; Westchester Library System: Terry Kirchner; Non-affiliated: Dan Brickley, Oleg Kagan, Petar Maymounkov

ShelfLife is intended to provide users with a rich environment for exploring the combined content of the DPLA, discovering new works, and engaging more deeply with them via social interactions. It displays available content through a scrollable virtual representation of library shelves, providing users with their most familiar experience of physical libraries. Unlike in physical libraries, however, any work can instantly be shown in a variety of different shelves (facets), clustering it with other works to facilitate both serendipitous discovery and contextual understanding. ShelfLife provides a “click and play” interface for reading/viewing available items. Users are guided to new works by a recommendation system based on aggregated anonymous usage data and via rich social interactions. ShelfLife integrates data from local public libraries and will make available to its users the real-time expertise of librarians.

LibraryCloud is the backend metadata server that supports ShelfLife. It will make the multi-library metadata used by ShelfLife available via open APIs and Linked Open Data in order to enable the development of innovative new applications such as library browsers, library analytic tools, and recommendation engines. LibraryCloud will enable what DPLA knows about library items and usage to become a vital, interoperable part of the new networked cultural ecology.

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  1. Dan Borden says:

    Glad to see you guys made the cut.
    Shelflife is looking great.
    Take care,
    -Dan Borden

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