DPLA West: Media and Outputs

DPLA West: Media and Outputs

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This page contains all multimedia and work outputs from the two day-long events that made up DPLA West: the DPLA workstream meetings held on April 26, 2012 at the San Francisco Public Library, and the public plenary held on April 27, 2012 at the Internet Archive in San Francisco, CA.

DPLA workstream and Steering Committee work outputs are located at the top of the page, while video, audio, and visual media from the April 27, 2012 public plenary is located just below that.



On April 26, 2012, the six DPLA workstreams met at the San Francisco Public Library to to discuss key issues pertaining to the DPLA and its core objectives. While individual workstreams discussed topics specific to their objectives, a number of themes bubbled up across the different workstreams, including the roles and responsibilities of nodes/aggregators, workstream communication protocols, digitization projects, and incentives for participation. The document below is a synthesis of the key takeaways from the day’s discussions.

DPLA West Workstream Takeaways (ms word / pdf / odt)



On April 27, 2012, the DPLA Steering Committee met at the Internet Archive to discuss the formation of an independent 501(c)(3) to run the DPLA, funding and digitization projects, and Phase I strategies, among other topics. Notes from that meeting are included below for download.

DPLA West Steering Committee Notes (ms word / pdf / odt)



Videos of specific sessions and panels can be selected and viewed from the DPLA West agenda. A full playlist is available below or via YouTube directly.



Resident photographer extraordinaire Joey Mornin snapped shots from the April 26, 2012 workstream meetings at the San Francisco Public Library and the April 27, 2012 public plenary at the Internet Archive. You can view a slideshow of his photographs below or browse individually via Joey’s Flickr page.



Heather Willems and Nora Herting, graphic artists from ImageThink, helped visualize the day’s key points and provided inspiration to participants. You can view a slideshow of their work below or browse individually via the DPLA’s Flickr page.



In preparation for DPLA West, the DPLA awarded seven travel scholarships to promising applicants in the field of library and information science. DPLA research assistants Ben Naddaff-Hafrey, Allie Morgan, and Kenny Whitebloom spoke with a number of them to hear their thoughts on the DPLA and digital libraries in general. Check out the short audio segment below.

Scholarship DPLA



DPLAmats Allie Morgan and Kenny Whitebloom caught up with a number of participants at DPLA West to capture their thoughts on the day’s main ideas and themes, as well as their own personal visions for the DPLA. Interviewees, ranging from librarians and developers to students and DPLA workstream members, provided a host of insights into how the DPLA might change the library landscape. Check out the short video segment below.