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Press: Now, With No Further Ado, We Present… The Digital Public Library of America!

“If that moment was the Digital Public Library of America’s conception, then today is its birth, with the launch of DP.LA, the effort’s online home. I asked executive director Dan Cohen about what the DPLA had become in those intervening 20 months, and how he saw its role in American public life going forward. A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows.”


Press: US digital library brings culture, history online

“WASHINGTON: A new “digital public library” set to launch this month aims to provide an alternative to Google for those looking for American cultural information online. Visitors will be able to view, for example, letters penned by George Washington, a copy of the Declaration of Independence in the handwriting of Thomas Jefferson, and ambrotype and daguerreotype images of Abraham Lincoln.”


Press: UVA Contributes to The Digital Public Library of America

“Soon, people across the country will have access to a multitude of historic photos taken around central Virginia.The Digital Public Library of America launches next week and the University of Virginia is contributing the Holsinger Studio Collection to it. The collection is a photographic record of life in Charlottesville and Albemarle County from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.”


Press: Digital Public Library of America Launches April 18

“I’m very excited about the Digital Public Library of America, which launches April 18. It promises much, and at launch date it will bring in the best open access and digitized materials.”


Press: (German) Digitalbibliothek für die US-Nation

“Die künftig größte öffentliche Bibliothek der USA wird am 18. April aufsperren. Sie wird ohne Bücherregale auskommen, wird 24 Stunden am Tag geöffnet sein. Zu finden sein soll hier letztendlich das gesamte in den USA verwahrte Wissen in gedruckten Dokumenten. Die beim Start zunächst zwei bis drei Millionen Werke werden für jeden Bürger von Alabama bis Wyoming mit der gleichen Anstrengung erreichbar sein: mit ein paar Klicks oder Fingertipps in der Digital Public Library of America (DPLA).”


Press: (French) La bibliothèque numérique des USA en ligne le 18 avril

“Le projet est né aux alentours de décembre 2010, au sein du Berkman Center for Internet & Society : recherche, technologie, bibliothèque et service public s’accordent sur un prototype de portail numérique. Simplement nommé DPLA, celui-ci rassemblera les documents numérisés qui racontent l’histoire de la nation à la bannière étoilée. Livraison en 2013.”


Press: (Italiano) La prima biblioteca nazionale digitale Usa online dal 18 aprile

“Tutto è pronto per il lancio ufficiale online della Digital Public Library of America, il progetto della prima biblioteca pubblica nazionale digitale degli Stati Uniti, nato a partire dal 2010 grazie allo sforzo congiunto di governo, fondazioni, istituti di ricerca e centri culturali e bibliotecari del paese.”


Press: Hack the humanities: The Digital Public Library of America is coming

“The humanities aren’t typically associated with programmers and engineers, but a wave of startup innovation may be be coming to fields such as history and art thanks to a project called the Digital Public Library of America.”


Press: NYPL Launches New API Allowing Developers Access to Vast Archives of Digitized Creative Works

“Earlier this year, ProgrammableWeb reported that the New York Public Library (NYPL) had launched the What’s on the Menu API, the first public API released by the institution. The New York Public Library has just announcedthe launch of the NYPL Digital Collections API which allows developers programmatic access to the Library’s vast collections of digitized creative works including manuscripts, historical maps, rare prints, photographs and much more.”


Press: National Archives donates 1.2 million digital objects to Digital Public Library of America pilot project

The new Digital Public Library of America (or DPLA) will be kicking off its first big pilot project at the Boston Public Library next month, and it’s now gotten a big shot in the arm courtesy of the US National Archives. It announced today that it’s donating some 1.2 million digital objects to the effort, which range from founding documents to Civil War photos to World War II posters.

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