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Press: “Public Library begins new path for technology and digital initiatives”

Nate Hill, a member of the Audience & Participation workstream, is featured as the Chattanooga Public Library’s new assistant director of technology and digital initiatives.


Press: “Reforming Copyright Is Possible”

Pamela Samuleson examines the nuances of copyright as the DPLA endeavors to achieve a comprehensive, national digital library.


Press: “Why Libraries are a Smart Investment for the Country’s Future”

“We should emphasize that libraries are not frills. They are not luxuries, but a sacred component of American education and American democracy.”


Press: “ReCoding Good”

“In our digital age, this balance between public and private extends far beyond libraries. Digital data operate differently than analog artifacts. The Internet infrastructure and the digital information that travels over this infrastructure challenge the classical economic conception of what constitutes a public good.”


Press: “ALA Annual Conference 2012: Auditorium Speaker David Weinberger”

American Libraries Senior Editor George Eberhart interviews David Weinberger, co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, about the development and vision of the Digital Public Library of America, information overload, the limits of computer analysis, linked data, bias in classification, how human brains may currently be evolving, and more.


Press: “Alexandria is a Port: The Digital Library in Physical Space”

Amanda French proposes grounding the digital library in a physical space.


Press: “Digital Public Library of America Featured At 2012 Miller Memorial Lecture”

John Palfrey’s lecture at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania outlines the planning process and vision of the DPLA.


Press: “Exercises in democracy: building a digital public library”

“Most neighborhoods in America have a public library. Now the biggest neighborhood in America, the Internet, wants a library of its own. Last week, Ars attended a conference held by the Digital Public Library of America, a nascent group of intellectuals hoping to put all of America’s library holdings online.”


Press: “A universal digital library is within reach”

“But the dream of a universal digital library lives on. Now a coalition of libraries and archives has come together to create a Digital Public Library of America to fulfill the original vision of a digital library for all. It could well be that an effort without commerce in the mix will have an easier time of it.”


Press: “At West Coast Meeting, Digital Public Library of America Begins to Take Shape”

“On April 27, DPLA West brought together over 400 librarians, technologists, public policy advocates, and a very small number of publishers at the Internet Archive in San Francisco to discuss the progress of the most visible effort yet to forge a common digital library for both Americans and the world: the nascent Digital Public Library of America.”

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