Farmer’s Market – Project Update / Website dev begins

Hi all! We’ve begun drafting the mock up for our website solution, which aims to address the immediate issue around Farmer’s Market operations. With the website, we hope to achieve these objectives:

  • Increase accessibility, and thus, awareness, to the general public on Farmer’s Market activities
  • Streamline standard processes, such as performer sign-ups and weekly vendor updates

That being said, after meeting with Margiana today and reviewing the ask in more detail, we discovered that there may be a knowledge gap on the team in terms of back-end requirements. We will have to either ramp up on these skills or recruit someone with more experience in this area. Any DPSI-ers interested to help, please reach out!   Simultaneously, we will be contacting the director of Dining Services to get a better understanding of Farmer’s Market operations at a high level to try to influence the longer-term issues. In particular, our team has an interest in increasing revenue opportunities for the vendors and the Market. Website mock-ups (Homepage and Events page): HomepageEntertainment

Sincerely, Cindy, Christian, & Niousha

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