Open Access – Team Update

During last week’s meeting, the Open Access Team’s discussions circled around the implicit and explicit ways as efforts of gathering Open Access Data. The entire team is looking at ways to contact student groups, student governments so forward the cause, and leveraging word-of-mouth discussions to get the knowledge of how important contributing to the Open Access DASH would assist in the future development of a sharing economy.

Loren and Alexandra pulled together a survey over the past week (DASH Survey). They would love to get your thoughts on a) whether we, as a group, find a survey for faculty useful and b) any changes to the format / questions. The results will assist on the development of the next steps of the Open Access group.

Additionally, Alexandra touched based with two HBS professors and one HKS professor, while Wendy also tried to reach out to the Dean of the GSD and the Communications department at the GSD, on expanding on the deposit.

The entire team is working on deliverables and next steps for the project, and developing strategies on moving forward.

Updated: 16 October 2014 – Wendy W Fok

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