SafeCampus — After the Midterm Review

Midterm Review Reflections & Updates

What We Did

At the midterm review we presented our main ideas, concerns and roadblocks, as well as a schematic of the app. In addition, we are continuing to work on differentiating ourselves from other competitor apps in the market.

What Went Well

It was great to see that people were reacting positively to the general idea of the app and recognized its importance, especially with the growing momentum behind issues regarding sexual assault.

What was challenging

The concept of bystander intervention is very powerful and a main message of how this app will work. The app won’t be able to fix issues unless people using the app take the initiative and step in. People may struggle with the perceived limited scope of the app, in say a party setting. However, we need to convey to our audience that this app is widely applicable in its usage as a check-in/emergency contact app.

What’s Up Next

 Meeting with more student groups, including final clubs and Greek life, and plan out surveys and focus groups to help streamline the functionality of the app. We are working on creating a minimally viable product to display the basic functionality of the app that we have agreed upon and will seek feedback from various members of the Harvard community.

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