Systemic Justice Project – Kickoff

Our Systemic Justice team will be working with HLS Professor Jon Hanson and SJP Program Director Jacob Lipton. Our last for this semester is to design a website for the Systemic Justice Project that intuitively presents the research of Prof. Hanson’s law school class.

During our first meeting, team members spoke with Hanson and Lipton about their expectations and desires for the website. Given that the reports will primarily be coming from law students, both Hanson and Lipton expect the bulk of content to come in at the end of the semester, and therefore would like to see the content organized thematically rather than chronologically.

This coming week, we will be meeting with the entire team of students to start our brainstorming and development process. During the first few weeks, we aim to gather ideas and inspiration from other websites, with a particular emphasis on websites affiliated with similar organizations (e.g., policy groups, research centers, journals). Looking at similar websites will give us a sense of what organizational formats will work best in displaying the great content we will receive at the SJP.

Since our group is not composed primarily of developers, the biggest challenge for us will be to design a website from scratch that can be created with the 10 hours of free developer time we get through Berkman this semester. In order to not waste any of this time, we will have to make sure that our proposal is simple and feasible, and is as efficient as possible to produce.

Team Members:

Tez Clark (Team Lead). Harvard College ’17, Philosophy, Adams House.

Trevor Brandt-Sarif, Harvard College ’15, Philosophy, Pforzheimer House.

Hillary Do, Harvard College ’17, Social Studies.

Jacqueline Lin, Harvard College ’16, Government, Currier House.

Miga Purev Ochir, Harvard College ’17, Philosophy, Pforzheimer House.

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