DocShop meeting 01 Spring

I. Intro

  • Welcome back and check-in.. we met many times during January, but I will include notes from the most recent meeting.
  • Group gave hugs
  • Welcome Heather Craig! She is joining DocShop!!
  • We applied to i-Lab Dean’s Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge.. we should hear soon.

II. Progress and notes from the field

Tina– at Global Voices in Manila, Phillipines. Balanga Elementary school> museum in the back. Memory and ethnography.

Lara– Showed pieces of BackStory timeline in Egypt, built a kitchen

Matthew– group with Peter Macmurray focused on archive and humanities, other connections for DocShop/Vox Populi

Valery– continues work on N. Dakota oil boom project

Dan– continues work on spatialized archive, show at Kirkland gallery with Magic card and sledding parties

Cris– talked about premiere of Cold Storage and launching of webdoc, good turnout of architects, humanists, and other interesting folks. Group gave their initial impressions, more detailed workshop soon.

Joe– continues to be interested in memory and narrative in tackling archives

Heather– MIT CMS, Datalore Hackathon, interest in storytelling and currently working on interactive doc about pebble mine

III. Lara (MIT OpenDocLab Fellow we are incubating) went into more detail on her ideas for Vox Populi this semester:

Her need from us will be:

  • Production/Exhibitions (what prototyping and production needs we can meet, vs. farm out)
  • Methodology (the field guide and some pedagogy reflections, focus groups)
  • Proposal (a more refined proposal to send to institutions, orgs, museums)
  • Documentation (video, ethnography of the events, interviews, etc.)
  • Pedagogy design (practice of the ‘socratic circle’ and other workshops we could run related to Vox Pop and DocShop’s goals/skills)


Next meeting Thurs. 2/19.

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