21st Century Girlhood – Week 3

What we did

During our meeting this week, we continued to flesh out our ideas of what we want our project to be. We decided that we will pursue a multimedia platform — possibly a “tumblr-esque” blog. We also worked out the details of our focus group that we will be having this Friday.

What went well

Every new detail that we nail down is a huge step towards turning our unformed ideas into something real. We’ve even started thinking of domain/blog names for our project.

What was challenging

Our biggest challenge now is preparing for our focus group. This will be my first time facilitating one so it will interesting. We need to focus on about what we want to gain from it and what questions we want to ask the group.

What’s up next

We are really excited about our upcoming focus group. Having the chance to talk to high-schoolers will give us some direction on what type of project would be most meaningful to them.

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