21st Century Girlhood Week 6

What we did

This week we created an email and tumblr page, setting the foundations for our final project. The name we chose is “girlhoodbyus.” In the process of creating our page we wrote our mission statement and designed the layout. Additionally this week we met with an oral historian, Charlotte Krontiris, to discuss the ways in which we could incorporate this medium into our final project. We discussed the proper ways to conduct an oral history interview and powerful ways to incorporate clips of interviews into a larger project.

What went well

We are pleased with the format for the blog we created and feel it conveys the tone of our project well. Additionally we found the discussion with Charlotte very helpful and interesting. Because of her insight we are now rethinking about how to conduct our upcoming focus group.

What was challenging

Deciding upon a name and layout for the blog was challenging. There were a lot of options, but neither of us has a wealth of knowledge regarding tumblr format. Also we wanted to make sure that the blog conveyed our mission statement and description clearly, so that it would not get lost amongst all of our future posts.

What’s up next

Next we want to add more posts to our blog page. We are planning on using some of our own personal quotes along with ones we pulled from our previous focus group. Additionally we have two more focus groups coming up in April and hope to use them to create more diverse postings for our blog.

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