Workshop: Access to Justice

The Question: In what ways can we use technology (specifically, a mobile app for legal services triage) to increase and expand access to justice?

The Plan: We will brainstorm features, design workflows, and troubleshoot possible issues for a mobile app focused on the triage stage of legal services. We envision an app with both “passive” features (that provide basic legal information) as well as “active” features (that receive and manage prospective litigants’ information for intake by legal service providers).

The Co-Sponsors: Researchers: Naomi Campbell, Caroline Cox, Sarah Guerrero, Samuel Reese, Aubrey Sparks & Elizabeth Tuttle (as part of the Justice Lab of the Systemic Justice Project)

The Time and Place: Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 7-9pm – Berkman Center Conference Room

RSVP HERE; dinner will be served.

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