Boredom and the wild divine biofeedback light stone

I have decided to try to talk to my wild divine hardware. This means diving into the computer world, and getting way over my head. By the look of it, I will never make it. But if I do make it, I better leave a trail behind, for any lost soul out there, who finds the earth is not complex enough as it is, and wants to explore human’s ephemeral technical world.

So the problem is simple enough. I have a biosensor which measures heart beat and electrical conductance, or some such. this sensor talks through a USB port to a software game, the wild divine. How can I write a program that accesses the sensor and plots the data in real time.

The net says an application cannot access a hardware device directly. It needs to talk to a “Device Manager” or “I/O Kit” or else talk to a manager which will talk to this device manager, and the device manager talks to a “device driver” which talks to the “hardware device”.

I have the game installed on my computer. So although I have not idea where, or if this file is readable, there should already be a device driver for the sensor.

Also, I am not starting from scratch. Someone created an open software for PC which is supposed to do what I want to do. It has about a 100 files, which is not really encouraging, but there is a file with USB and lightstone in the name that seems to read information from the sensor, so that file may be the meat of the matter (the driver) for the PC.

Through a couple fas computer help desks, I have located two sources of help. There is a group of employees at Harvard called abcd, which gathers people into email lists concerning various hardware/software interests. There is also a computing society linked through the computer department.

Through ABCD I got a response from BU about a tutorial in linux on how to write a device driver
This gives no information on what language/compiler etc is used to create, build and load the driver, or to bind it to hardware, so it is not a lets start from scratch tutorial, but at least, it suggests that a device driver can be writen.


  1. Darren

    October 9, 2007 @ 1:28 pm


    I’m also interested in being able to use the wild divine hardware for other things… art projects mostly. Did you eventually have success getting your code to work? Have you found HRV algorithms to use with it?

    thanks for blogging about your progress!


  2. rfriel

    December 28, 2007 @ 7:17 am


    If you’re still interested, there’s now a sourceforge project for just lightstone drivers, which makes it a lot more comprehensible:

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