Mac OSX: using a unix command to look for a kext file

Apple’s tech help on the usb discussion list helped me out:

I have a kernel extension matching to the IOUSBInterface
of my device and preventing the IOUSBHIDDriver from matching to the

To search for it

find /System/Library/Extensions -name “Info.plist” -exec grep -H
1155 “{}” \;

This searches all the Info.plist files for one that contains
“1155”, the idVendor of the device. Judging from the IOProbeScore
of 100000 and the values in the ioregistry, the kext in question is
doing a vendor specific match by specifying idVendor/idProduct/

The result of the search is

When I remove the file STMicroTestDriver.kext, the wild divine can no longer find the device, but HID explorer lists the lightstone along with everything else.

TheWD software needs access to the device, but without the kext, the HID Driver will open the device and they can’t open it.

If the HID driver doesn’t match to the device, I can’t use the HID mgr to talk to it.

So I need to go two incompatible ways.

1 remove the kext file (disabling WD),so I can use HID explorer and matlab

2. keep the kext file in place, and learn to use IOUSBInterfaceInterface calls to talk to the device (as long as the WD driver/app isn’t running). So I can send/receive USB requests.

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