I found a Ruby class on the internet!

Ruby is an object oriented programming language which can post on the web with Ruby on rails. There are books on Ruby and on ruby on rails, so it is not very new, but still new enough that some people want to learn it.

there is an announcement on

You have to sign in with courses
and then the threads are found here

It is really excelent. Everybody I talked to had a positive impression of Ruby. This course will give me the push I need to really look into Ruby instead of just talking about it. My own post hasn’t shown up on the thread yet, but hopefully it will eventually, and I look forward to having other people to ask questions from, and see what they are learning.

On the install, my main difficulty was how to install ruby from source
Luckily, I found a blog that saved me,
I went into the directory in the terminal window,
ls …
than I think I ran
sudo make install
rubycocoa had an installation package which made it easy to install.

I am working myself through
and although the cocoa part, Nib, connecting outlets etc is very similar to what I did with objective C, the code does not have any reference to memory so far, which was the part that really ennoyed me.

With Ruby, I can learn cocoa and object oriented programming, so it is not such a big detour.

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