This blog is a collaborative effort by one group of four students at Harvard Extension School LSTU-E-120 Spring 2007 Final Project in Association with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. It seeks to provide an accessible explanation of what DRM is, and how it impacts the end-user.

Our project goal is to create a “persuasive statement advocating a policy position” and, in an effort to bring multimedia elements to this assignment, we have created this blog to feature links to our research materials including, articles, speech transcripts, and legal discussions, as well as full text versions of the DMCA, U.S. Copyright law, and other supporting documentation. We are also featuring a video called “Conversations On DRM” which was another project completed by this group for the course and audio podcasts, both of our final project and other speeches, discussions, and presentations. Finally, our “blogroll” has links to other blogs that contain mountains of information about DRM, copyright law, fair use, and multitudes of additional topics within this interesting and complex subject.

We hope that visitors to this blog will find it useful as a hub for further research into DRM and we, the group, are likely to continue moderating the blog rather than just use it as a way to obtain a final grade. We encourage users to mine the links, leave comments, and start discussions!


The Group

Neil Perry
Paula Eichler
Kumar L. Narshimma Yajamanam
* (Ariel Thomas was a group participant in the “Conversations on DRM” video.)