Miscalculating Odds, Part 140

Because I’ve had so much less time for poker lately, I feel like even my limit ring game play is way out of shape.  Maybe just sometimes I don’t sit down in a totally focused mindset, but I also think I just haven’t been practicing enough so I’ve forgotten how to play particularly important post-flop situations. I end up just scraping out a winning session rather than putting together substantial BB.

Random mistake of the day: with QJ on a board with KTX, I can’t just automatically assume that’s 8 outs to the straight.  Any time an A is involved in making a potential winning hand, I gotta look at how many players are involved in the pot, because it’s likely that an Ace is already out there in someone’s hand.  So long as we’re grinding and playing small long term advantages, even that has to be factored in.

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