When to Push – Stack Size Relative to Blinds

A good point came up in an email message from a reader.  When do you decide that you need to push all-in given the constraints of stack size relative to the blinds?

In my last post, I noted how I went all in with 1040 in chips on Q9o from the cutoff, six players left, 100/200.  My basic rule of thumb is to measure chip size relative to 4 times the combined size of the blinds.  Too far beyond that point and a double through might be entirely meaningless.  I adjust accordingly if the table is short-handed (because blinds come around faster and because hand values rise, so half decent hand become more push-worthy).  Of course, I take into account the players I’m up against, their stack sizes, any reads I might have on them.  But I start from this basic rule of thumb.

This is something I should look into more in reading the various online/blogger guides to SNGs, but, if you have any answers, shout em out. Do you have a rule of thumb in this regard?  What do you base your decisions on?

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