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The saying goes, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” Wrong.

Well, Poker Source Online is not going to give you a free meal exactly, but the money they will give you will be enough to buy several of them. Through Poker Source Online’s (PSO) free poker money promotion, also known as Instant Bankroll, you can start playing for real money at one of three online poker rooms for free. No risk to you at all. PSO will deposit money directly into your new poker account so you can start playing.

The most common question Poker Source Online gets is, “How can you guys afford to give away free money every day?” It’s a great question and the answer is actually very simple. Online poker rooms pay affiliates like PSO to bring them customers. So, in exchange for signing up through their site, the folks at PSO want to spread the wealth by giving you part of that payment.

The Instant Bankroll promotion is fantastic for all sorts of online poker players. For the newbie, it is a way to try out online poker without worrying about everything new involved in this new activity. For the seasoned veteran, it is a way to try out a new room without having to commit a penny of your hard-earned bankroll. And for the broke poker fan, well…that should be obvious. It is easy to signup.

Just visit http://www.pokersourceonline.com and navigate to the “Free Stuff” tab. There you will find the “Free Poker Money” registration. You’ve get nothing to lose except PSO’s money!

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