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Fog Blindness


This Time Magazine article
on the end of days is related tangentally to yesterday’s post.  It
also reminds me of how my father’s incomplete training as a physicist
ties in with his superstitiousness.  He believes that when people
pass away, they give off a charge of energy or electricity of some
kind.  He claims that a current passed through his television set
(it was switched off) when his mother passed away earlier this year.


Because some of myopic friends view Iceland as a destination for clubbing and bachelor parties, I’m directing my pointer at Saheli’s latest post on Indo-Icelandic relations.


Posner and Becker
are taking the “marriage as a contract” approach to discussing gay
marriage.  While I have been forced to renounce my contractual
view of marriage in the past, I feel that they present a compelling
political argument in favor of gay marriage.


The worst migraine yet:  The blank white canvas of sky in the
outer Richmond this morning  was overpowering.  A call went
in to my secretary, and I scurried back to my room, drew the shades,
and contemplated my right temple.  I think that I am at the
halfway point of migraine season.

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