Decarbonization in Doubt: Evaluating the Uncertainty of the Indirect Land Use Change Carbon Intensity Estimates of Corn Ethanol

by Katherine Ricca Background and Research Objectives The true carbon savings of corn ethanol as a biofuel substitute for gasoline are highly contested. Experts and policymakers alike are unable to agree on the total carbon intensity (CI) for the fuel, a measure of the carbon emissions produced per unit of energy. This uncertainty is largely due Read More

Changing Climate, Changing Behavior: Evaluating the Impact of Observability and Framing on Carbon Offset Donations

By Anli Chen Climate change is an urgent global issue that requires collective effort from organizations and individuals alike to overcome. Carbon offsets, while an imperfect solution, are one of the most high-impact and low-barrier ways every individual can contribute. Yet, they are relatively unknown and extremely underutilized. My behavioral economics thesis tackles that challenge Read More