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What’s going on in China’s (renewable) energy world

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Southern Power Grid to Receive 10.07 billion RMB Central Budget for Rural Grid Upgrade Project

2012 China’s central budget designates 10.07 billion RMB (US $1.6 billion) to Southern Power Grid, of which, 9.288 billion RMB is budgeted for rural grid upgrade and the remaining 783 million RMB for grid construction in areas without electricity.
Southern Power Grid plans a 20.5 billion RMB (US $3.25 billion) investment in township-level grid construction and central government’s investment accounts for 45.5%. Currently, 77,000 households in Southern Power Grid’s supply region are without electricity.

New National Standard on Wind Power Grid Connection Expected Later This Month (Chinese)

National Energy Agency is expected to promulgate a new national standard on wind power grid connection. An effort led by SERC (State Electricity Regulatory Commission) and drafted by China Electrical Science Academy and State Power Longyuan Corp, the new standard aims to tackle low voltage ride through (LVRT) and dynamic reactive/active power compensation. This change will present significant challenges to small to medium scale wind turbine producers, wind developers and operators, who have been modifying turbines and wind farms in compliance with the 2009 standards.

Goldwind Launches GW93/1500 Ultra-Low Wind Speed Turbine (Chinese)

Goldwind announced the launch of its GW93/1500 ultra-low wind speed permanent magnet direct-drive (“PMDD”) turbine. The turbine has a 93-meter rotor diameter with a rated capacity of 1.5MW. It is designed for IEC class Swind resource areas where the annual average wind speed is lower than 6.5 m/s. The wind turbine has the largest rotor diameter and the highest power generation efficiency among comparable products in China.

According to its designed capacity, the GW93/1500 series can generate power of more than 2,000 standard hours per year based on an annual average wind speed of 5.5 m/s (with reference to the standard air density and Rayleigh distribution). The product will be officially launched in Xi’an, Shaanxi on April 20 and the Company plans to install its first prototype in Zhucheng, Shandong at the end of this month.

Sinovel and Mita-Teknik Deal in Joint-Development of New Generation Wind Turbine Control System


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