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Help Chen Guangcheng’s Family

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By now you’ve probably read many news reports on Chen Guangcheng, China’s blind human rights lawyer and activist, and his daring escape from the authorities. His family and those who aided his escape are still in grave danger. Rights lawyers have volunteered to aid Chen Kegui, Guangcheng’s nephew, in his self-defense case.

To assist his family, Xu Zhiyong (a prominent human rights lawyer and legal scholar) is fundraising. You can send your donation to Xu Zhiyong directly using your Paypal account: click send money, and send to [xuzhiyong2009 at gmail dot com].

Or you can send your donation to me using a credit card or paypal, which then I will forward 100% to Xu. He will use this donation to 1. provide accommodation for Chen Kegui’s family; 2. provide legal assistance to the relatives and friends of Chen Guangcheng in need. Thank you!


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  • Paul Larry Ong
    May 3rd, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    I am sure moral support from around the world is important for Chen Guancheng. No sane Govt. permits dissenters a free hand to incite populace disdain. It is the resulting action that divides the lambs from the wolves.

    There appears a mutual exile recourse for ‘naughty’ activists in a SEAsian country where the USA was seen as a beneficiary from their residencies.

    Some (Govt) are beyond high handedness. Human Rights Activists are dungeon guests with the keys thrown away. For some its a bullet at the back of the head.

    If Chen was a subject to such a treatment he has my moral support in full.

  • I’d like to show my support. But, did they really need money as support?

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