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Blackout Responses Compared: U.S. vs China

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People in DC probably still remember the derencho a month ago that left more than 1 million residents without power. Pepco came out with an estimation on June 29th 10:39pm that it would be fixed around July 6th 11pm. Fortunate for most of the residents, the power came back in four or five days.

Now here’s a comparison: Storm Vincent hit China’s south coastal province Guangxi on July 24th, toppled about 1,900 houses, tripped 204 transmission lines, stopped 1410 transformer  terminal  units. And how long did it take for Guangxi to fix all this? One day. By 6pm July 25th, all the power was back on.

(a clip of the news story from People’s Daily )

Not that these two particular incidents can represent all blackout responses throughout the two countries, but it seems to be universal knowledge in DC that Pepco sucks in emergency response. Below is a news clip about Haining City in Zhejiang Province carrying out its first “massive blackout emergency drill” that involves not only response teams from the utilities, but also municipal water companies, health industry, and fire control services. Correct me if I’m wrong, haven’t heard DC prepare for blackouts this way.

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