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Chinese Newspaper Gloating over India’s Massive Blackout

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Yesterday I wrote something nice about China’s blackout response, and today I read this article a Chinese newspaper 21 Century Economic Report: India’s Massive Blackout Proves “Indian Model” Overrated (in Chinese).

It starts with this: The massive blackout in India in the past three days are the most severe power outrage in human history. It affected the lives of 620 million. It is the “blackest moment for India in ten years.” [I can almost smell how pleased the author is with this pun here.]

Then it goes on to say how India has been been heralded by the West as the “democratic economic entity exemplary for the East”, but is in fact a “deformed economic entity”. When China, Japan and Korea has taken a “government-lead” model in developing their power industry, India left the provision of electricity to the hands of the private sector. The utility industry represented by Tata, etc. is thus far more inclined to provide electricity to urban areas, and ignored the rural area. As a result, the people in rural area have developed ways to steal electricity and avoid high prices.

The end of the article echos the title to say that the “Indian model” is overrated, as proved by this massive blackout.

What do you think of this article? And what are you thoughts on the power industry in China, India, and U.S.?



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