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Perhaps an Important Article Calling for Reform?

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An article published yesterday on CCP’s flagship magazine Qiushi has been receiving a lot of attention. South China Morning Post reports with the startling headline “Reform or perish, journal warns Communist Party“. It is also covered by Xinhua: “CPC magazine praises reform, opening-up policy“. When I first read it, however, I was not impressed: it is the usual CCP publication filled with official jargon every Chinese high school students can recite from start to finish. Nevertheless, such an article appearing in the front cover of THE party magazine at the eve of the 18th Party Congress reaffirms the position of Deng Xiaoping’s policy and damps down the voices calling for a change of course in this social and economic environment. Here’s a rundown of the arguments in this article.


Striving to Push Forward Reform and Opening Up

Qiu Shi, on Qiushi Magazine. 2012/20

Hu Jintao‘s speech July 23 underscored the significance of reform and opening up on building socialism with Chinese characteristics. We must study, understand and carry out the spirit of Hu’s speech and insist on the development of socialism with Chinese characters, achieve the revitalization of the Chinese nation.

1. Reform and opening up is an important meaning of socialism with Chinese characteristics
Reform and opening up pushed socialism with Chinese characteristics forward in practice. With the deepening of reform and opening up, the construction of socialism modernization also speeds up. In fact, socialism with Chinese characteristics is perfected through reform and opening up, and will lose the vitality without it.

2. Reform and opening up is a strong force pushing the development of the Party’s and people’s undertakings

China has achieved great progress since the third session of the 11th CCP Congress. Reform and opening up opened a new realm for the Sinolization of Marxism and pushed the Party and the people to emancipate thoughts, seek truth from facts and advance with the times. It has emancipated and developed social production force, pushed forward the fast development of the social economy, and has become the fundamental means to resolve our main social conflict. Reform and opening up has deepened institutional reform, pushed forward the self-perfection and development of the socialism system, and has become the fundamental guarantee to ensure the superiority of the socialism system. In addition, it has sparked a historical change in relations between China and the rest of the world, promoting the country’s socialist modernization drive to adapt to the global development trend.

3. Pushing reform and opening up forward at a new historical start point

China is currently at a period to address the difficult issues of comprehensive establishment of a“xiaokang” society, deepening reform and opening up, and fast transition of economic development model. We must let the spirit of reform and opening up penetrate every link of governance, always adhere to the correct direction given by reform and opening up, always increase the scientific standards of it, and put emphasis on building a more dynamic, more efficient and more open institutional framework that promotes scientific advancement.

Reform and opening up is a great new revolution that cannot be rushed. The conflicts encountered during this process can only be resolved by deepening reform, and the problems within development can only be solved through scientific development. We must hold on tightly to this period of critical strategic opportunity, insist on emancipating thoughts, seeking truth, advancing with time, and be not afraid of reform and innovation. We must insist on the roadmap and policies since the third session of the 11th CCP Congress, and persist on the advancement of reform and opening up, so as to gain a broad prospect for socialism with Chinese characteristics.




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