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Hey, I Discovered a New Continent!

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Check out those three articles, what do they have in common?

CNN Money: Japan Owns Almost as Much U.S. Debt as China, by Chris Isidore

Forbes: Community Wind Projects Poised To Take Off In Denmark, by Justin Gerdes

The Next Web: China Mobile Remains World’s Largest Operator, India’s Bharti up to Fourth: Report, by Jon Russell


First, Japan had been the biggest foreign holder of US treasury securities for a good part of the 1990s and 2000s, with the exception of being slight taken over by UK in 1998, but quickly regained its top position. It was not until September 2008 that China began to surpass Japan as the largest foreign holder of US debt.

All of a sudden, this article and the accompanying graph made it seen like China has been the No. 1 foreign holder of US debt, and Japan is coming from behind, just about to catch up, which is the complete reversal of recent history.


Second, let’s examine the community wind project in Denmark article. Since the oil crisis in the 70s, the Danish government has encouraged private ownership of wind turbines through a variety of subsidies. As early as 2001, over 175,000 households in Denmark owned 80% of the country’s wind turbines. Here’s a historical ownership chart of wind turbines in Denmark.

As you can see, community wind projects is really no news at all since the 1990s, so I wonder where the headline “Community Wind Projects Poised To Take Off In Denmark” comes from?


At this point, you’ve probably got my drift. Can we have bloggers checking out the past 20 years’ history before announcing they’ve discovered a new continent? Thanks!



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