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How Fat Big Ocean Saved My Voice

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Five days before Christmas, I woke up, tried to say good morning to “grandpa” in the living room — my voice didn’t come out. I tried again, nothing.


I had been coughing for the past two days, but never thought I’d lose my voice completely.

Three days before Christmas: I started to think that I used to sound like an angel. Not that I ever sang, but I missed singing to trashy songs on the radio like the one about never getting back together with the ex-boyfriend.

Then Damien and his wife took me to Chinatown where we got some cola seeds. They are called pang da hai in Chinese, which literally means “fat big ocean”. The whole pack has at least 40 seeds and only costs $3.75!

Why are they called “fat big ocean”? As you can see, these dried seeds are the size of almonds:

After you put them in the hot water for a while, they bloom like flowers. The tea from these cola seeds has been used to cure sore throat in China and South Asian countries for hundreds of years. And they worked magic on me! Now I have a really cool deep voice and am on my way to full recovery. Yay! Merry Christmas!

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