Wednesday, April 17th, 2013...2:17 pm

To Chinese Overseas Students in US

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Dear friends,

I am as horrified, and as heartbroken as many of you are to hear about the tragedy in Boston.

Dorothy came to this country with as much hope and dreams as you and I did — a life so beautiful and so full of promise, only to end so abruptly! The impact on her family and loved ones will never go away. And as for the rest of us, the terror that seized upon us may inevitably make us question the American society, and the choices we (and in some cases, our parents) made to come here.

But we must be stronger than we’ve ever been. We must be better than we’ve ever been. If we allow the violent extremism and terrorism to shake us and terrify us, then they would have won.

Even though we are on a foreign land, we have each other and we have our school communities. Reach out to each other. Make sure no one is left alone.

In South America, the biggest hazard to survival is the constant flooding, but the red ants, all be it so small individually, would hold onto each other to form living waterproof rafts. This is the time we need to hold onto each other. Make sure no one is left alone.






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