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What’s China’s Plan for its Energy and Environment?

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Initial reports from China’s National People’s Congress are now available. (See links below for English and Chinese versions)

Some key points related to energy and environment:

  1. 2015 GDP growth target: around 7%
  2. Expand electricity price reform pilot program (i.e.from Shenzhen and west Inner Mongolia to more cities/ regions), promote agricultural water price reform, complete energy efficiency, environmental protection pricing policy
  3. Actively engage in international negotiations on environmental products and government procurement
  4. The list of new “major engineering projects investment” include clean energy, and oil and gas resources, building information, energy and oil/gas networks. (~~~~ transmission lines, gas pipelines, etc.)
  5. On regional development, need prioritize breakthroughs in transportation, environmental protection, and industry upgrade.
  6. An entire section on energy efficiency, emission reduction, and environmental pollution control:
    •  CO2 emission reduction target > 3.1%, COD and ammonia nitrogen reduction target 2%, SO2 reduction 3% and NOx reduction 5%. Promote extremely-low emission retrofitting for coal plants, key regions have 0 growth in coal consumption. Promote clean energy vehicle, raise fuel standards. Execute national Carbon Cap and Trade Management Measures. Water pollution management and treatment. Promote third-party management of environmental pollution. Legislate Environmental Tax Law. Increase law-enforcement stringency.
    • Rigorously develop wind, solar, biomass; actively develop hydro; safely develop nuclear; develop and utilize shale gas and coal-bed methane. Control total consumption of energy, strengthen industrial, transportation, and building efficiency efforts. Rigorously promote recycling of industrial waste and urban waste. Build energy efficiency and environmental protection into an advanced pillar industry.
    • In areas with heavy smog, high energy consumption and industry overcapacity, reduce coal, or replace coal.
    • Promote seawater desalination and comprehensive utilization.
  7. Central government budget for energy efficiency and environmental protection is 29.125 billion RMB (US $4.65 billion). In addition, central government will give local governments 11.55 billion RMB (US $1.84) in air-pollution control, 47.85 billion RMB (US $7.64) in energy efficiency and emission reduction, a 40.4% rise from last year, more than any other items. It will be used mainly for fuel price subsidies, supporting clean energy vehicles.

Report on the Work of the Government (Premier Li Keqiang)

National Development and Reform Commission Draft Plan for National Economic and Social Development

Ministry of Finance Budget Report

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