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Murakaza neza, karibu, bienvenue, and welcome. And willkommen, I suppose.


It’s 90 degrees in Cambridge, MA. (or, if you live in any other part of the world except the United States, it’s 32 degrees celsius), and I’m in a air-conditioned room that brings down that number to below 70 degrees – no wonder some people think climate change isn’t real. I’m based in Washington, DC, the center of ladder-climbing, name-dropping, and back-stabbing politics.

You’ll find on this blog: my rambling on law, politics and academia; lamenting on the mundaneness of current affairs; and my over-enthusiasm for renewable energy. I blog in English, and occasionally, Chinese.

I’m a student at Harvard (as you could guess from the domain name) a senior research assistant at Brookings Institution, foreign policy program, focusing on energy and Asian Pacific security, but none of my eccentricity, narcissism, or views here reflect that of the institution.

Thanks for reading, and comments are welcome!

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  • Hey Ella,

    Jason Laws here, Director-Choreographer from the SEARS Flash Mob. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you, as I vividly remember your enthusiasm for the project. Additionally, it was awesome to take a stroll down memory lane watching your footage which I had never seen before.

    Are you still at Sears? Feel free to send me an update on what you’re doing now.

    Jason Laws

    Creative Director-Choreographer for Brands & Music Artists
    Twitter: @Mr_Laws

  • Hello there, doing business in China and just found your blog.

    Side question, we launched an app called nommoc (http://www.nommoc.com). Do you see any opportunity for us to work together?

    We are trying to get expats aware of the business/social/financial ramifications of being illiterate in Chinese.

    He is a small bit of press we got with ChengDu Living on the topic: http://www.chengduliving.com/combatting-expat-illiteracy/

    Talk soon,


  • I am the CEO of, Fountainhead Renewable Energy Systems and Technologies, LLC., based in Beverly Hills, CA. We are in a partnership with LPP Combustion, Inc. who has developed and patented a technology and products to produce clean energy from alternative liquid and gaseous fuels as well as renewable and conventional liquid fuels. This technology can be used in fracking to produce electricity and micro-grids in remote areas as well as in oil fields. It eliminates flaring in from fracking sites, and provides fuel flexibility and reduces carbon emissions at power plants.

    We are about to begin discussions with major Government and private owned energy and financial companies. Contact me if you are interested. Regards, DB

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