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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Help Chen Guangcheng’s Family

By now you’ve probably read many news reports on Chen Guangcheng, China’s blind human rights lawyer and activist, and his daring escape from the authorities. His family and those who aided his escape are still in grave danger. Rights lawyers have volunteered to aid Chen Kegui, Guangcheng’s nephew, in his self-defense case. To assist his family, Xu […]

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Death Penalty, Torture, and Criminal Justice in China

China issued new regulations on May 30 banning evidence obtained through torture or intimidation, especially in death penalty cases. Konrad Lawson of the History Department has a very nice post here which puts this in a historical and comparative contexts, and inspired me to write this post, discussing them from more of a legal perspective. The […]

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Hu Jia Case, What’s at Stake

Professor Jerome Cohen calls Hu Jia situation a “golden opportunity” for Beijing to begin improving its criminal justice system. On the government’s (bad) move to deny Hu Jia medical parole, Professor Cohen writes: If Hu is forced to remain in prison, without expert medical treatment and adequate diet and care, until his sentence is completed […]

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Guangzhou Environmental Protest – A Lesson for China’s Legal Reform

Chanting “Lv Zhiyi, Step Down! (Lv: vice secretary of Guangzhou, chief of environmental bureau)”, “Come Out, Mayor!”, “We Demand Dialogue” and “Respect Public Opinion!”, hundreds of citizens in Guangzhou marched to city hall in the morning of Nov. 23 to protest the construction proposal of a trash incineration plant in Pan Yu. With the resonance of Xiamen protest […]

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Public Notice Regarding Gongmeng’s Fulfillment of Taxation Administrative Penalty Judgment

Translation of the official documents released by Gongmeng (Open Constitution Initiative) onhttp://www.xuzhiyong.net/ 公盟关于履行税务行政处罚决定情况的公告 Public Notice Regarding Gongmeng’s Fulfillment of Taxation Administrative Penalty Judgment 公盟缴税被拒绝 Gongmeng’s Application to Pay Tax Fine Rejected 8月3日,公盟发布《关于同意接受社会捐款用于履行税务行政处罚决定的公告》,积极筹备资金,准备缴纳两税罚款(捐款账户详情公盟将在近日公布)。 8月5日,公盟账户(开户名称:北京公盟咨询有限责任公司,开户银行:中国光大银行北京首体支行,帐号:35080188000016762)被北京市公安局冻结。 公盟已于8月10日上午向北京市公安局致送了请求解冻账户协助办理缴纳税款和罚款的书面文件。8月10日下午,分别到地税和国税申请缴纳罚款。但皆被拒绝。现公告近日公盟缴税过程详情如下: August 3, Gongmeng released a public notice on “agreement to accept public donation to fulfill the taxation administrative penalty judgment”, actively […]

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Open Constitution Initiative Fined for over 1.42 Million Yuan

translated from Xu Zhiyong’s blog announcement. Xu is a founder and lawyer of The Open Constitution Initiative. see the official letter of penalty here. The Open Constitution Initiative Fined for over 1.42 Million Yuan Xu Zhiyong July 15, 2009 July 14, 2009, The Open Constitution Initiative (OCI, aka Gongmeng) received Notification of Tax Fine from both Beijing […]