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BofofusThis idea here is that we can post pictures on a common site. New pictures New pics tootoo. I think we just keep editing the same comment and uploading new pics. We can erase old ones if we want, or maybe start a new page.

Okay, these are Christmasy pics. And here is a video where I tried to say stuff, but it came out muted. That is my new battle with the camera. I am pretty sure it should pick up sound, but I haven’t seen how to do it and it eats up battery fast, so when I try to figure it out, I wind up running out of battery. Ok, let’s see what else we can post.

This is the Christmas mantlepiece before opening any presents.

Christmas Mantle

Mother, the Master Wrapper (McGoo), with the double-glasses action.

Master Wrapper McGoo

Now we try to show off for the camera.


Hmm. I learned a lesson on that one. I must rotate the pictures BEFORE posting them. I am too lazy to fix it now though.

Here are two different, and failed, attempts I made at showing the mantlepiece as though I were Vanna White or a Price is Right model. Note how the mantlepiece shows in neither picture.

Showing 1 Showing 2

And here is when I wore the tie I gave you, but that has never otherwise seen the light of day or even the artificial lights of night, for the Christmas Eve party.

Funny-looking Smile with teeth An attempt at a full-length pic

Another note: taking a full-length picture of oneself is hard. Hence the result above. In other news, I did tie the tie myself.

I pulled the same lame fashion statement for Christmas day garb, but took no pictures. Phil, however, did take pics, and hopefully he will send some over. They should be much better than mine, since he’s a pro and all.

Ok, now I will attempt to link the sorry video. However, you should be able to upload videos too with your camera, and since your camera is not from the Stone Age, the sound should be much easier to figure out, so you might even be able to SAY stuff. Insane. Ok here goes nothing.

Dull movie with no sound

Wow, I think that worked. Too bad the video sucks. If I were wearing a top hat and holding a cane, and if you played the video in fast forward, perhaps I could be Charlie Chaplin. Also, if the light were good enough so you could see me. That would help too. Anyway, slowly but surely. My new idea is that we should start a new page of pics and videos every so often, so that one doesn’t get bogged down with all the stuff.

Ok, kid. I hope this works and that you can view things.

Ha! I’m back! So I decided to keep posting things on this page because these are more Christmas pics. Why so late? Because I be lasy, that’s why. NOW, because other people SOMEtimes read this – can’t understand why – I need to explain that I know how to spell, including the word denoting an affliction of the muscles and their permanent tiredness, but I spilled tea on my computer and now some keys don’t work. Alas.

Anyway, Emo, I am putting up some NEW pics! First, the flowers you sent for my birfday. Usually people don’t see what they wind up sending, but here’s what I got. They were gorgeous (and are perhaps still on my counter.. a little less vibrant than when the pics were taken, but there nonetheless).

Hmmm… I seem to be having problems with this one. Either the picture won’t load or when it does, it’s humongous. Funny because guess what you can see behind the flowers? Your favorite picture! It’s like playing CSI with the photo. Don’t know what your favorite picture at my parents’ place is? Think it, think it… here’s a hint: Ahoy!

Ok, I think I need to shut down the computer and hope it makes it less testy and maybe that will fix everything. Otherwise I’m gonna have to figure out why the pics used to load fine and now they load like they’re on steroids.

smaller flowers
Ok, so I figured something out. I’d uploaded pics from a different camera the last time! So whatever program that was automatically sized them smaller than mine does. So now I have to reload all the pics. But anyway, now I can get in the groove of this game.


The next set is of me helping out with onion cooking. This is what to expect when anything involving me happens in the kitchen.

onions 1 I guess we should feel lucky there was no fire.
oh oh

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