Yet Another Page – The Updated Version

Um, okay, I think this is how we make a new page, I LOVE EMO! but I already forgot, so hopefully I’m not erasing enything. I LOVE EMO!

Hooray, I was right! So you can post some of your pics I LOVE EMO!! on this page. Maybe even some of the I LOVE EMO IN COSTA RICA pics!!!

Well, the other page was getting too unwieldy, so I’m gonna start posting some here. I LOVE EMO!! Plus, it sucks to have a bunch of empty pages. I’ll only start with this one and I LOVE THE EMO SO I’ll need to keep it to one because it is sooooooooo sad THA I LOVE THE EMO SO MUCH. It is me in my flippity-flops clearly on my way OUT of the sun and warmth of my island heaven WHERE I LOVE THE EMO. RICO. (Not Rica). That is 100%, ge-nyu-wine, tear-stained airport carpeting. Look at my pleasure book IN WHICH I LOVE THE EMO. Look at my bare feetseseses THAT LOVE THE EMO. I think you can see the relaxation oozing out of my toes. And now? NOW??!?!!?!…I LOVE THE EMO!!

So sad

I live in an icecube. That’s what. And it’s been two months since ANYone saw my toes.

Hey bumblebrain, you were in Rico last month…you stoopit! I have to tell you I ain’t too cool with all this peeping going on with our blog. Who does that? It is like listening in on a phone conversation and demanding that someone repeat what they said or to talk about something in particular. I guess we can search their names and figure it out and see if they have blogs or credit card numbers or secrets and stuff.
I say we limit the conversation to when I cannot call you from this GD country and we need to use it for commo. Limit the pics. COMSEC is everyone’s business!! And if you are one of the peepers reading this, not sure why, but I don’t think that calling bullshit on the pictures is necessary. EMO OUT

SABOTAGE!!! I cry sabotage!!!

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