This is the first of a series of posts I will publish about startups of classmates and friends (or other people if they have a really bright idea…) – so lets start with honeywish:

honeywish is a Munich-based start-up company for which I helped writing their business plan during my second year at HBS and I continued to work with them for the summer after graduation. The wedding and honeymoon portal has launched a honeymoon registry for the German-speaking market in August 2009 and will shortly offer its cash bridal registry internationally. The idea behind this alternative wedding registry is to allow people to receive their honeymoon among other high value items as a joint gift from families and friends. Whether you plan to get married or not, honeywish is a venture you should definitely watch out for.

For my german-speaking readers: honeywish, die Hochzeitsreisen-Plattform präsentiert die besten Flitterwochen-Hotels wie zum Beispiel das Almond Beach Village. Mit Ihrem Hochzeitstisch speziell für die Flitterwochen will die Münchner Firma das Schenken zur Hochzeit revolutionieren. Definitiv ein Start-up, das man im Auge behalten sollte.