After I got some good feedback about the blog post I wrote about a honeymoon registry, now again a post about an interesting and unusual startup:

Do you like honey? If you do, you will love this Start-up. Munich-based targets on honey as part of the increasing market for local products. is a Munich-based Start-up founded by Heike and Markus Helfenstein and Jan Bromberger beginning of 2010. The company focuses on beekeepers and honey produced in Germany. It promotes the beekeepers’ direct sales and also offers an online shop for honey.

Right from its launch, offers the largest variety of pure German honey on the internet.

The idea of started growing when two of the three founders were in Canada in summer 2009. They developed the increasing importance of local products in Canada and all over the world as well as the impact on the environment this could have. People love fresh local products and they prefer them to conventional food from the big surfaces if you give them a choice.

The situation of beekeepers in Germany is fairly unique. First of all, there are more than 80,000 of them. But most of them have no or little commercial interest in beekeeping. It’s more of a hobby than a business. Keeping in mind that Germans consume more honey than anybody else in the world, there is a huge gap between supply and demand – a gap that is filled by imported honey which has a market share of 80 percent. helps consumers to find locally produced honey. The beekeepers can concentrate on producing honey instead of developing strategies for their online marketing as is taking care of that.

So if you’re looking for a beekeeper in Germany, just poke the website and you’ll find nice and personal portraits. You can also buy honey online – for example the world-famous pine honey from the black forest.

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