Yet another start-up project from my undergrad in Munich is Hochzeit-Helfer (German for “Wedding-Helper”). The new online wedding portal aims to bring a new generation of wedding websites to Germany, making organizing your weeding online a breeze for German-speaking bridal couples.

While online wedding portals in Germany used to be rather information-oriented, full of text and commercially dependent on Google Adsense advertising, Hochzeit-Helfer introduces style and fun to online wedding planning. The magazine-style website features attractive design and lots of high quality pictures.  This gives advertisers a new quality of advertising space in a commercially most interesting field in Germany – weddings and female customers.

Hochzeit-Helfer is counting on its “fresh and stylish” USP to attract users and to bring in business – the company plans to generate the larger part of its revenues from advertising.

More on Hochzeit-Helfer can be found in the teams weblog Hochzeitsblog