International Wedding registry from honeywish now available in English

honeywish’s honeymoon registry, which has had a phenomenally successful start in the German-speaking countries this wedding season, is now fully available in an English language version, too.

Like most honeymoon registries, honeywish is a cash gift registry. Wedding couples from the US, the UK, Australia and any English speakers in the world can use this wedding registry to organize their wedding gift wishes and to collect the funds for gifts in their own currency.

Apart from being a truly international international wedding registry, what makes honeywish unique is its pricing model. Instead of charging high transaction fees on every single gift, honeywish couples pay a low one time fee (in the US 55US$) and can collect their gifts without further charges if they decide to direct guests to wire transfer gift payments to the couples own bank account. For added convenience bridal couples can also enable guests payments via credit card using a savy PayPal integration in the honeywish wedding registry. This solution is very attractive to couples not only because funds go directly to them (and are not held by the registry, which is the case with most other cash gift registries). Additionally, receiving credit card payments via PayPal is not free for the couple, but transaction fees are only between 2% and 3% instead of 7%-10% with most cash wedding registries.