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The emotional US debate about the 2010 health care reform is not well understood in Europe. The reason is that mandatory and government controlled health care is pretty common in the ‘old continent’. E.g. in Germany there has been a system of public and private health insurances for decades now. Insurance in either of these […]

International Wedding registry from honeywish now available in English

Yet another start-up project from my undergrad in Munich is Hochzeit-Helfer (German for “Wedding-Helper”). The new online wedding portal aims to bring a new generation of wedding websites to Germany, making organizing your weeding online a breeze for German-speaking bridal couples. While online wedding portals in Germany used to be rather information-oriented, full of text […]

[This is a German translation of the previous post about a German online store for honey.] Nachdem ich positives Feedback für meinen Blog-Eintrag über Honeywish (Hochzeitstisch) bekommen habe, hier nun mein neuster Artikel über ein interessantes und etwas außergewöhnliches Startup… Mögen Sie Honig? Wenn ja, werden Sie auch dieses Start-up lieben. ist in München […]

After I got some good feedback about the blog post I wrote about a honeymoon registry, now again a post about an interesting and unusual startup: Do you like honey? If you do, you will love this Start-up. Munich-based targets on honey as part of the increasing market for local products. is a […]

[This is a German translation of the previous post about a German honeymoon registry] Dies ist einer der ersten Blogs in einer (hoffentlich) langen Serie, in der ich Startups von Komilitonen und Freunden vorstellen will (oder solche die ich für sehr interessant, clever oder aussichtsreich halte) – starten wir mit honeywish: honeywish ist eine Münchner […]

VigLink is a new company started by a classmate at HBS. The viglink guys managed to line up some very famous investors, including Google Ventures and a founder of LinkedIn. It enables website administrators to automatically convert existing links into affiliate links. One quick install and a website automatically participates in every relevant affiliate program. […]

Today’s post is about a cool startup of a few guys who studied at the same institute as I did in Munich: amiando. amiando is a Munich-based Start-up company and was founded by Felix Haas, Dennis von Ferenczy, Marc Bernegger, Sebastian Bärhold and Armin Bauer. Within three years, amiando grew up to a significant company […]

This is the first of a series of posts I will publish about startups of classmates and friends (or other people if they have a really bright idea…) – so lets start with honeywish: honeywish is a Munich-based start-up company for which I helped writing their business plan during my second year at HBS and […]