Bruce Babbitt to Receive Horizon Award March 14

Former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt will visit HLS March 14. (The Aspen Institute)

ELP and the Environmental Law Society present their second annual Horizon Award to former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt at HLS March 14.  The award presentation and lecture will take place Thursday at noon in Milstein West, and the event will be open to the entire community.  Later that afternoon, at 4:30 p.m. Babbitt will meet with law students in a reception in the Caspersen Room at Langdell Library.

During his eight years as head of the Interior Department under President Clinton, Babbitt took an innovative, ecosystems-based approach to land management and conservation.  Working out ambitious restoration plans for the Everglades, the California Bay-Delta, and other natural resources, Babbitt became renowned for his knowledge, persistence, and negotiation skills.  Before serving as Secretary, Babbitt was Attorney General and Governor of Arizona and led the non-profit League of Conservation Voters.

ELP and the Environmental Law Society present their Horizon Award each year to someone who has changed the face of environmental law with achievements in law and policy.  Last year’s recipient was retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

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