Harvard Environmental Economics Program Seeks RA for Research on Multilateral Agreements

The Harvard Environmental Economics Program is working on an important, new initiative to explore ways in the which the new international climate agreement to be concluded in 2015 could either facilitate or hinder linkage among regional, national, and sub-national cap-and-trade systems. An important part of this research project will involve the examination of other international legal regimes from which lessons might be drawn. We are in need of a research assistant for this work from Harvard Law School.

The job description is as follows:
· Research multilateral regimes to coordinate national laws regarding financial transactions, banking regulation, technical standards, and economic policies. Research should focus on the rationales for multilateral regulation and the specific regulatory approaches used, including whether the goal of multilateral regulation is uniformity or harmonization, whether hard or soft law instruments are employed, and whether the multilateral regime involves universal or restricted membership. Possible regimes to examine include the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and the International Convention on the Sale of Good, among many others.
· Timing: Start date: as soon as possible; end date: mid-July.
· Hours: Up to 200 hours
· Hourly rate up to the highest rate Harvard allows depending upon experience
If interested please send materials directly to  Robert_stavins at hks.harvard.edu.

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