New book list, May 14, 2014

Action plan for conservation and management of large carnivores (wolf Canis lupus, lynx Lynx lynx, brown bear Ursus arctos) in Estonia in 2012-2021.
Compiled by Peep Männil and Raido Kont. Tartu: Eesti Terioloogia Selts, c2013. HOLLIS# 014033024
QL737.C5 A37 2013

An atlas for the skeletal maturation of the Cebus monkey: the first year.
By David A. Thurm, Kenneth W. Samonds, John G. Fleagle. Boston: Harvard School of Public Health, Dept. of Nutrition, [1975]. HOLLIS# 014025132
QL737.P925 T48 1975

Bumble bees of North America: an identification guide.
By Paul H. Williams, Robbin W. Thorp, Leif L. Richardson & Sheila R. Colla. Princeton: Princeton University Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014019807
QL568.A6 W55 2014

Cerebellum of the rhesus monkey; atlas of lobules, laminae, and folia, in sections.
[By] John C. Madigan, Jr. and Malcolm B. Carpenter. Baltimore, University Park Press [1971]. HOLLIS# 002443020
QL937.M33 1971

The comparative anatomy and histology of the cerebellum from monotremes through apes.
By Olof Larsell; edited by Jan Jansen. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, c1970. HOLLIS# 014017580
QL937.L33 1970

Coronal section atlas, human larynx.
[By] Gabriel F. Tucker, Jr. Washington, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology; for sale by the American Registry of Pathology, 1971. HOLLIS# 014017595
QM255.T8 1971

The design and statistical analysis of animal experiments.
By Simon T. Bate. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014019854
HV4930.D47 2014

Embryos under the microscope: the diverging meanings of life.
By Jane Maienschein. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 013825105
QM603.M35 2014

Evolution in four dimensions: genetic, epigenetic, behavioral, and symbolic variation in the history of life.
By Eva Jablonka and Marion J. Lamb; with illustrations by Anna Zeligowski. Revised edition. Cambridge, Massachusetts: A Bradford Book, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014019870
QH366.2.J322 2014eb [e-book]

Facial growth in the rhesus monkey: a longitudinal cephalometric study.
By Emet D. Schneiderman. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, c1992. HOLLIS# 014017585
QL737.P93 S36 1992

Final report: physiology study of cynomolgus monkeys.
By William B. Coate. Vienna, VA: Hazelton Laboratories America, 1973. HOLLIS# 014017591
QP121.A4 C62 1973

Gene network inference: verification of methods for systems genetics data.
By Alberto de la Fuente, editor. Heidelberg: Springer, 2013. HOLLIS# 014019887
QH441.2.G45 2013eb [e-book]

The guide to investigation of mouse pregnancy.
Edited by B. Anne Croy, Aureo T. Yamada, Francesco J. DeMayo, S. Lee Adamson. Amsterdam: Academic Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014019912
QL737.R666 G853 2014

The homing instinct: meaning & mystery in animal migration.
By Bernd Heinrich. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. HOLLIS# 014019915
QL754.H45 2014

Insects and diseases: damaging trees and shrubs of Europe: a colour atlas.
Edited by Milan Zúbrik, Andrej Kunca, Gyorgy Csóka. Verrieres-le-buisson, France: NAP Editions, 2013. HOLLIS# 014020664
SB764.E85 I56 2013

Invasive Species: national research opportunities and priorities and strategic management framework.
Reuben Sotelo, editor. New York: Nova Publishers, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014019778
QL86.I58 2014

Joint Meeting of the 59th Annual Meeting of ESJ and the 5th EAFES International Congress: 17-21 March 2012, Ryukoku University, Otsu, Japan.
Kyoto, Japan: Ecological Society of Japan, 2012. HOLLIS# 014026837
QH540.N546 2012

Life in the cold: an introduction to winter ecology.
By Peter J. Marchand. Fourth edition. Lebanon, NH: University Press of New England, [2013]. HOLLIS# 014019934
QH543.2.M37 2013eb [e-book]

The life of David Lack: father of evolutionary ecology.
By Ted R. Anderson. New York: Oxford University Press, [2013]. HOLLIS# 013727498
QL31.L27 A53 2013

London Zoo and the Victorians, 1828-1859.
By Takashi Ito. Woodbridge, Suffolk: The Royal Historical Society: The Boydell Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014019939
QL76.5.G72 L669 2014eb [e-book]

Looking for the goshawk.
By Conor Mark Jameson. London; New York: Bloomsbury, 2013. HOLLIS# 014011867
QL696.F32 J36 2013

Managing your biological data with Python.
By Allegra Via, Kristian Rother, Anna Tramontano. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014019958
QH324.2.V526 2014

Marine community ecology and conservation.
Edited by Mark D. Bertness (Brown University), John F. Bruno (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Brian R. Silliman (Duke University), John J. Stachowicz (University of California, Davis). Sunderland, Massachusetts: Sinauer Associates, Inc., [2014]. HOLLIS# 014019963
QH541.5.S3 M37 2014

The microscopic anatomy of the white rat; a photographic atlas.
[By] Esther M. Smith [and] M. Lois Calhoun. [1st ed.] Ames: Iowa State Univ. Press, [c1968]. HOLLIS# 002444816
QL739.S6 1968

Museums and higher education working together: challenges and opportunities.
Edited by Anne Boddington, Jos Boys and Catherine Speight. Farnham, Surrey, UK: Ashgate Pub. Limited, [2013]. HOLLIS# 013863285
AM7.M8814 2013 [e-book]

The neocortex of Macaca mulatta.
By Gerhardt von Bonin and Percival Bailey. Urbana, Univ. of Illinois Press, 1947. HOLLIS# 000960043
QL937.B62 1947

Neuroecology and neuroethology in mollusks: the interface between behaviour and environment.
Editors, Anna Di Cosmo and William Winlow. Hauppauge, New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2014. HOLLIS# 014019980
QL431.2.N48 2014eb [e-book]

North American amphibians: distribution and diversity.
By David M. Green, Linda A. Weir, Gary S. Casper, and Michael J. Lannoo. Berkeley: University of California Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014019981
QL651.G74 2014eb [e-book]

On-farm feeding and feed management in aquaculture.
Edited by Mohammad R. Hasan and Michael B. New. Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2013. HOLLIS# 014030484
SH136.F44 O5 2013

Ophthalmic pathology of animals: an atlas and reference book.
By L.Z. Saunders and L.F. Rubin. Basel; New York: S. Karger, 1975. HOLLIS# 014017593
SF891.S198 1975

Overview and descriptions of Trichoptera in Baltic amber: Spicipalpia and Integripalpia.
By Wilfried Wichard. Remagen-Oberwinter: Verlag Kessel; Berlin: Museum für Naturkunde, [2013]. HOLLIS# 014019744
QE832.T8 W53 2013

Owls: a natural history of the British and Irish species.
By Mike Toms. London: William Collins, 2014. HOLLIS# 014019995
QL696.S8 T65 2014

Perspectives on organisms: biological time, symmetries and singularities.
By Giuseppe Longo, Maël Montévil. Heidelberg; New York; Dordrecht; London: Springer, [2014]. HOLLIS# 013982467
QH307.2.L73 2014

Phillipps’ field guide to the birds of Borneo: Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, and Kalimantan.
By Quentin Phillipps; illustrated by Karen Phillipps. Third edition. Princeton, New Jersey; Oxford [U.K.]: Princeton University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014020000
QL691.B6 P5 2014

Polar bears: a complete guide to their biology and behavior.
Text by Andrew E. Derocher; photographs by Wayne Lynch. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press; [Bozeman, Mont.]: Polar Bears International, c2012. HOLLIS# 013165180
QL737.C27 D47 2012

The radiological diagnosis in canine and feline emergencies; an atlas of thoracic and abdominal changes.
By Sten-Erik Olsson. Philadelphia, Lea & Febiger, 1973. HOLLIS# 014017582
SF757.8.O47 1973

The reindeer botanist: Alf Erling Porsild, 1901-1977.
By Wendy Dathan. Calgary: University of Calgary Press, c2012. HOLLIS# 013501291
QK31.P67 D38 2012 [e-book]

Romantic biology, 1890-1945.
By Maurizio Esposito. London: Pickering & Chatto, 2013. HOLLIS# 013868231
QH305.E87 2013

The Sauropods: evolution and paleobiology.
By Kristina Curry Rogers, Jeffrey A. Wilson. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2005. HOLLIS#: 009912615
QE862.S3 C87 2005

Saving the world’s deciduous forests: ecological perspectives from East Asia, North America, and Europe.
By Robert A. Askins. New Haven: Yale University Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014020005
QH541.5.F6 A83 2014

The scientific nomenclature of birds in the Upper Midwest.
By James Sandrock and Jean C. Prior. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014020006
QL683.M55 S36 2014

A short history of genetics: the development of some of the main lines of thought, 1864-1939.
By L.C. Dunn. Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1991. HOLLIS# 014017181
QH428.D86 1991

Skeletal development of the wrist and hand in Macaca mulatta and man: a roentgenographic atlas.
By Maria Michejda. Basel; New York: Karger, 1987. HOLLIS# 000616826
QL950.7.M523 1987

Stereoscopic atlas of clinical ophthalmology of domestic animals.
[By] H.E. Jensen. Saint Louis, Mosby, 1971. HOLLIS# 001574931
SF891.J45 1971

A stereotaxic atlas of the brain of the pigeon: (Columbia livia).
By Harvey J. Karten and William Hodos. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, c1967. HOLLIS# 002445234
QL937.K37 1967

A stereotaxic atlas of the rat brain.
[By] Louis J. Pellegrino [and] Anna J. Cushman. New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1967. HOLLIS# 002444050
QL385.P34 1967

A stereotaxic atlas of the squirrel monkey’s brain (Saimiri sciureus).

By John A. Gergen and Paul D. MacLean. Bethesda, Md.: U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health, 1962. HOLLIS# 002451857
QL937.G43 1962

Stereotaxic surgery in the rat: a photographic series.
By Richard K. Cooley and C.H. Vanderwolf. 2d ed. London, Ont.: A.J. Kirby, 1978. HOLLIS# 014017597
RD594.C8 S8 1978

Stress, sustainability, and development of large marine ecosystems during climate change: policy and implementation.
Edited by Kenneth Sherman and Sara Adams. New York: UNDP, November 2013. HOLLIS# 014042897
QH541.5.S3 S77 2013

Template atlas of the primate brain.
By Richard F. Martin, Douglas M. Bowden. Seattle, WA: Primate Information Center, University of Washington, c1996. HOLLIS# 014025094
QL737.P93 M37 1996

Terrestrial mammals of the West Indies: contributions.
Edited by Rafael Borroto-Páez, Charles A. Woods and Florence E. Sergile. Gainesville, Fla.: Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida: Wacahoota Press, Books of Lasting Value, 2012. HOLLIS# 014021260
QL724.1.A1 T47 2012

Tundra-Taiga biology: human, plant, and animal survival in the Artic.
By Robert M.M. Crawford. First edition. Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014020010
QH541.5.T8 C73 2014eb [e-book]

Urban ecology: science of cities.
By Richard T. T. Forman (Harvard University). New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 013975949
QH541.5.C6 F67 2014

The visual dictionary of the skeleton.
1st American ed. London; New York: Dorling Kindersley; Boston: Distributed by Houghton Mifflin, 1995. HOLLIS# 014017599
QL821.V57 1995

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