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June 3, 2003

Eyeballs Needed — ears, too

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No, I don’t merely mean I need visitors to this new blawg.  I need to hear from you about legal ethics reform efforts across the country, because I don’t have access to Members-only sections of bar association websites, or their journals and newsletters, nor to meetings behind closed doors, where proposals are made, amended, rejected or accepted.  I’d also like to hear about reform programs sponsored by consumer action groups.  So, please place your tips and news items into the ethicalEsq? “Suggestions” Box.  

I’m especially interested in efforts to better-inform clients of their rights and options.  Such as:

  • Rules requiring Mandatory Disclosure of Malpractice Coverage below a particular threshhold. E.g., New Hampshire’s Rule 1.7 (less than $100,000), which is described and archived in the Feb. ’03 edition of Ethics and Lawyering Today 

  • Requirements or Programs to inform divorcing or separated couples about the existence of divorce mediation and of classes for “parenting-apart.”

  • Information relating to Client’s Rights when entering into contingency fees, such as Florida’s mandated Statement of Rights.

  • Client Bills of Rights, such as those passed in New York (which I think is a little too vague), and Illinois (matrimonial matters), and advocated by the legal reform group HALT in its Legal Consumers Bill of Rights Project.

Other topics of interest to ethicalEsq? are described on our “About” page, and new topics are also welcome.  We need your eyes and ears.  Thanks.

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