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January 26, 2004

New Weblogger Wants Fewer Billables, Less Procrastination

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Today is the very first day for a new weblog called the [non]billable hour, which is edited by Illinois solo lawyer-mediator Matthew Homann.  Matthew’s  weblog promises “daily ideas to re-energize your law practice and make practicing law fun again.”  I’m a little confused about that “again” concept, but I hope he can pull it off.

Matthew’s very first weblog post is called I hate billing by the hour! and contains a number of New Year’s resolutions (delayed for posting ’til Jan. 26), the first of which is:

I resolve to move all of my practice away from the billable hour — no exceptions.  I do not want to keep another timesheet as long as I live.

His second posting contains a strategy to end procrastination, which I happen to believe is the finest labor-savings device ever invented, and thus a great way to reduce billables.   Be that as it may, you should check out the [non]billable hour and let Matthew know if your practice is fun again.


P.S.  This evening, Matthew posted what will apparently be the first of a series of commentaries on The problem with the billable hour.    In fact, like many brand-new webjournalists, he appears to be having a burst of productivity (what will happen when the inventory shelf is empty?), inspired by evangelical zeal for practicing client-centered lawyering — and the radical notion of actually listening to the client.  (Gaining mediator skills, I believe, makes a lawyer a better lawyer, and a better person.)

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