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February 12, 2004

Bad Estimate, Great Service

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Unlike some highly esteemed webloggists, I don’t normally talk about my high-tech consumer purchases, but tonight I wanted to relate a shopping experience with Amazon.com

I recently found out that I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist along with pinched nerves and other decrepitude in my neck.  [Sigh] It quickly became apparent that maintaining a laptop in an ergonomically correct position is difficult, given that the monitor is attached to the keyboard, so I decided to get an additional keyboard.

crystal ball  When I ordered it, yesterday, it was estimated that the item would not be shipped for another 5 days, and would not arrive for another 3-5 business days.  I got regular ground delivery — Free Shipping variety — and bemoaned the fact that it would be such a long time until my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse duo arrived. 

Well, golly, the doorbell rang at noon today, and the UPS guy handed me an Amazon.com box with my Logitech Cordless MX Duo. Cool.   I’m charging the mouse now.   There are a whole lot of buttons and keys on this new-fangled device, so it might take me a while to use it proficiently (or even awkwardly). 

Is this a new (but old-fashioned) marketing technique: lower expectations and then thrill your customers with surprisingly prompt service?  It’s working, even for skepticalEsq, consumer kvetsch.

  • Hey, Ernie, how the heck does one keep this thing at a height where the wrist is straight and elbows are at one’s side close to the body, when using a desk chair with (purportedly ergonomically correct) sloping arms?  I sure hope the keyboard is shock-absorbing, as it will surely make the aquaintance of my floor in the near future.
  • For excellent instructions “to maximize your comfort and lessen the chance of injury,” working at a computer, see Logitech’s Comfort Guidelines, which are available in several languages.

P.S.  I just checked My Account, and was told that the item is “Shipping Soon,” with delivery estimate date of Feb. 18-19.  Talk about lowered expectations! 

Update (02-13-04):  At 3 PM today, 26 hours after I signed the UPS computerized receipt and opened the package with my new cordless keyboard,  Amazon.com emailed me that “We thought you’d like to know that we shipped your items today.”  Maybe I’m getting a free bonus keyboard! 


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