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March 30, 2004

monkeys’ uncle unable to stand up

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(Very) Weakly Special

The post-vacation resumption of this weblog has been postponed, as the Editor was found this morning in what may be a permanently horizontal position; to wit

mouse lawyer horiz

How did this happen?  The culprits, who apparently subjected Uncle Editor to 48 hours straight of (purportedly affectionate) torture are pictured below.

“lissa james 2-04”

  • Persons over 50 years of age, in less than robust health, are warned to use extreme caution when approaching said duo, as the suspects are armed and persistent.  The female primate is 6 and one-half years old and the male is 3 and one-half years old.  They were seen at the Buffalo [NY] Zoo in the presence of Uncle Editor over the past weekend.

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